It wasn’t me, it was her!

I had been hesitant to drive of late, and thought it was me being a wuss. My driving confidence has never been high anyway, so I assumed it had just gotten worse.

Last week, I took my beautiful George Girl, my 1995 Jeep, to the Jeep doctor, when it became apparent there was something wrong with her steering. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAIt turns out that she needed new power steering, it had completely gone. No wonder it scared me to drive her!

Various other replacements and repairs were made, including re-attaching the wire to the back of the heater switch, which had been stuck in the on position since spring.

Driving her back from the Jeep doctor, I was happily amazed. She drives like new, which is something she never did before. Better than when we bought her. Of course, this restored my (limited) confidence instantly, and although I will never be the most confident driver in the world, (at least on four wheels), I am now very pleased to state:



Gone Writing.

Gone WritingWith a couple of adjustments to my, hopefully competition worthy, essay done, it’s back to work on my new novel, That English Lady. I’m about a third of the way through with a first round of edits. This time, I’m just seeing how it flows and making necessary adjustments.

Cover 1 TEL fourth draftThe next read-through will be much deeper, finding repeated and over-used words. Then comes a few more “How does it flow?” sessions.

Perhaps, by then, I may be ready to submit to a publisher, if I choose to go down that path with this book. I also need to learn how to do a synopsis.

I’ve never had to do one before, so it daunts me somewhat, but I’m sure I shall get there. For now, that remains a future exercise. :)

In the meantime. If you are curious, here is a link to my website, where you can access my The Blue Door Trilogy and Twisted Labyrinth, (a post script to The Blue Door Trilogy), on Amazon in both paperback format and for Kindle.

THAT ENGLISH LADY. Draft One Complete!

The first real draft of That English Lady, my new book, is complete. I actually typed “THE END” after chapter fifteen and the Epilogue.

Cover 1 TEL fourth draftAnd, as you can see, I have a “provisional” cover. This likely won’t be the final cover, then again…one never knows :) I really just wanted to put a picture in here, truth be told ;)

The much appreciated and continued assistance of my critique group, Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop, is invaluable to me, especially during the next stage. Cleaning up/editing/polishing. A lot, up to chapter four, has been done, (first time around anyway). I have been trying to keep up with it as I go, so that perhaps it isn’t so daunting to go through the entire book and have to do EVERYTHING all at once. I had to do that with all three Blue Door books and found it rather overwhelming.

I do have a couple more things I would like to add to the first two chapters, (more fore-shadowing, hints, and magical happenings – but NO spoilers for later events!). I am already in the process of that, though. The rest is tweaking and polishing.

So, I think I must crack open a Boston Lager this evening in celebration of completing the first stage :) Long way to go still, but the biggest hurdle is out of the way – finishing the first draft. The editing, I really don’t mind. In a lot of ways I find it as much fun as writing the story, and I get to see my work come even more to life through the process :)

Thanks to everyone who has stood by me in my madness of being an author. Especially my husband, Huey. I love you, Honey.


Party Across The Creek, a success story :)

Velda our first guestA good day was had by all, at the party across the creek to celebrate my first July 4th as an American Citizen..Guests having fun

Thank you to all who attended and helped make my first July 4th as a citizen a VERY special day!

Velda was our first guest to arrive. She brought her lovely husband, Don, and some delicious zucchini and blueberry cake! I was skeptical, since I am not fond of zucchini, but this cake has to be tried! YUM! Thank you also to Julie for the wonderful Traffic Jam, preserve. A very kind thought and I can assure you it shall be devoured! :D

Special thanks to my wonderful husband, Huey White, who did such a fabulous job cooking, and to Robin for all your help. We could not have done this without you :)

The Tree We Climbed As Children. For Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Madison Woods



Alice White © 2014

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

“Is this the right one? Where is our treehouse, Jen?” My brother, Jimmy, glared at the gnarled oak. “Has it been so long?”

“I’m afraid so. I suppose it rotted after twenty years.” I squinted against sunlight, and remembered building that treehouse.

We were meticulous in our design. Reclaimed wood made up the walls and floor, and a longhorn skull adorned the privacy partition, erected for secluded reading. We’d hung our own drawings up, but I guessed the pictures had long since disintegrated.

I peered up. What was that?

The longhorn skull. The only remnant of a happy childhood playground.

Happy Friday 13th!

So, it is Friday, the thirteenth.friday thirteenth

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always seem to have a very good day on this particular date. I tend to believe we make our own luck, most of the time.

Friday thirteenth full moonGranted, sometimes it does not appear that way, but mostly it is all on us.

To celebrate, why not pick up a Kindle e-book copy of The Blue Door for FREE through until Monday on amazon.The Blue cover 2 Kindle It is on offer this weekend due to being available on Kindle for a whole year.

Did I mention there is also a full moon AND we have Mercury in retrograde?black cat

Add a black cat to the mix, and the day should be out of this world!

Everyone have a really good day :)