Some. Only some.

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Great words by my friend and fellow author, Amy Weaver, and again totally relatable, I am certain, by pretty much everyone. xox

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Some will take every chance they can to point your weaknesses, instead of your strengths.

Some want to lower you, so they can appear above you.

Some won’t celebrate your accomplishments, but will definitely relish in your failures.

Some will call you a name, one that’s so far from who you really are, that it proves they don’t know you like you thought they did.

Some won’t reach out to you when you’re hurting and going through a difficult time, but will definitely show up when things are fabulous.

Some never see your tears or hear your breaking heart.


These “some” are the cause for silence and exiting. These “some” need to know you take your shortcomings head-on and are quite aware of every single one of your faults.  Seriously, every single fault is burned in the memory, especially after being pointed out on more than two or three occasions. These…

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What is SPRING?

I sit in my recliner during a break today, at around 12.30pm and watch the light change.

I wonder if you all know what I mean by that.

Well, in short it means that spring has arrived. But what is spring?


Brand new buds augment their presence on trees.

Flowers shoot up to the waiting world in a spectacular, but gradual, “ta-da”.

daffodilsYellow daffodils stretch for the cloudless warmer, richer, bluer sky from greener grass.

Cardinal and BlueJayMister Cardinal shares his juicy pickings with mistresses Blue Jay.

Sister Goldfinch perches with tentative balance on newly formed twigs.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERACarefree deer at play in the meadow, their white tails bouncing.

Thunder storms, rain, and a fuller sun coaxing all to life.

The daylight’s paler, winter colours make way for brighter hues,

Signalling spring has sprung along with hope for new beginnings.


What does spring mean for you?

It Had to do With Sex

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My friend, mentor, and fellow author, Velda Brotherton, has some strong views, (and rightly so), on women’s history :)

Originally posted on Velda Brotherton:

Belle depicted as Sexy Belle depicted as Sexy

Do you know why women were expected to ride side saddle in the old days?

Read on and I’ll tell you. March is women’s history month, which is a perfect time for a writer of western historical romance. The feminine mystique makes an interesting topic anytime, as does the history of women’s accomplishments. Since lists are boring, let’s talk about a few of the women who have done some fascinating things in spite of being tied down by society’s strict views.

Let’s look at the wild and somewhat daring Calamity Jane, who never settled for the norm. One can imagine she probably was what was often called a “tomboy” all of her life. But as she grew into a woman, she embraced everything she was told well behaved women were forbidden to do. She cussed (cursed) up a storm, drank most men under the table and…

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Simple Can Be Great

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We all write differently and we all read differently. There is plenty of room for all styles and all tastes. Thank you to my friend and fellow author, Amy Weaver, for posting this totally relatable blog :)

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One minute: “Oh, I love this.”

Next minute: “Ugh… this is utter crap.”

Three minutes later: “Wait, maybe it’s not toobad.”

Six minutes after that: *Crumbles paper and throws it across the room* OR *Delete… Delete… Delete…*

Every single writer I know has had this moment a few hundred thousand times, if not more. It’s exhausting to question every word we write. It can be excruciating. I tend to pace the floor as I talk out loud (or scream) at my characters, while pulling my hair out at the root.

Pace… pace… pace… scream.

Yes, I know if I chill out, not force it, the words will work themselves out, but of course, it takes me going through the screaming and pacing drama to get me to the other side.

pull hair out

Thankfully, I have random days when it seems all the stars are in alignment, and the rays of writerly-love shine upon me, at the

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It’s All You

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More insightful, wise words from my friend and fellow author, Amy Weaver :)

Originally posted on thelongandwritingroad:

Here’s a quick thought for your Thursday:

Be careful who you emulate and try your best not to imitate others in your path to fulfillment. That will mar your steps and muddle the awareness of your goals. Riding on the coattails of others will make your journey not truly your own. Know that you are enough and you have everything it takes to make your road to success authentic and genuine.

~A. Weaver


Have a wonderful day!

Everyday meditation:

Love life. Be Kind. Be genuine. Eliminate the negative, false, and vain. Peace, love, and happiness to all. 

Until next time…

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Keeping the Writing Marriage Inspired

Alice White Author:

My friend and fellow author, Amy Weaver, has some excellent points here. Some of which I needed to hear today myself. So, I hope by my reblogging of this insightful post, you might be inspired, too :)

Originally posted on thelongandwritingroad:

As to be expected, whether they’re full of it or lacking in it, writers tweet, facebook, and blog about inspiration often. I know if I were to go back through the posts I’ve written over the years, I’m pretty sure I have one, two, or five on the subject.

Inspiration means everything to a writer. It’s not only what provokes a new story, but it’s also what keeps the passion going for the story we’re in the process of writing or editing.

The last couple of weeks have been a struggle for me. It’s been hard for me to stay focused and inspired with the story I’m currently editing. I know it’s about mindset, about surroundings, about staying in love with the story, about the passion for the characters– all of that. Every single thing affects our inspiration.

It’s normal to get blasé about a story we’ve been writing, working on, editing, changing, fixing…

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No Rocking Chair Regrets

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Life is way too short for regrets. So says my friend and fellow author, Ruth Weeks, in this truthful and wise blog post.

Originally posted on Truths by Ruth:

rocking chair

I saw a post on FaceBook yesterday on living life to the fullest so you wouldn’t have any regrets.  Of course when I went back today to find the actual quote to interject into this blog I couldn’t find it.  Figures.  But you get the idea.

I agree 100% with this philosophy. I have often said I don’t want to be 95 years old, living in a home, sitting in a rocking chair, regretting not doing things. However living life to the fullest has gotten me into some deep do-do.

For one thing, I have credit card debt up the wazoo.  I’m really good with money. Honestly. My ex-husband even called me cheap. Frugal is a better word. I try to save as much as possible and spend my coin wisely.  Then wham! An opportunity rises up to bite me.  Most of the time it’s travel: a writing retreat at…

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