Busy week, again. And it’s only Wednesday…

We started this week off with Monday. I was to be at the surgeon’s office for 2.45 pm. (More about that another time). Hubby’s truck is poorly (we THINK to do with the clutch), so Georgie Girl the Jeep came into her own for the journey.


We arrive at 2.30 pm, to be told that the appointment is cancelled, due to the surgeon being in surgery. The receptionist said she had tried to call, but could not get an answer.

“So, THAT’S what that ringing sound was this morning…”

On the way home we stopped by our mail box.

In the mail box was a letter from immigration, stating that they want me to bring IRS information, for the past three years, with me to my interview, (for Naturalization), on December 12th. This would be fine, except no IRS information exists.

I have been a homemaker since I entered the US and married in September 2009. I checked with the IRS at the time, who told me I did not have to file anything, since I had no income of my own and did not claim anything. I double check this on-line Monday afternoon, to the end that the situation has not changed, and neither have their rules on the matter.

I phone them (immigration), to explain, yet again, why there is no such documentation. We go around in circles on the phone for about half an hour, because they are ‘not allowed to tell you anything at all’. Eventually, I ascertain that a letter from the IRS to support my ‘no tax documentation’ statement, will suffice. Did I get any writing done Monday? Well, no…

Tuesday: Silly ‘o’ clock in the morning. We head up to the Missouri state-line to buy cigarettes. Why? You may well ask…

The answer is simple, really. Tobacco taxes are much cheaper (and in some cases are non-existent) in that state, so making cigarettes MUCH cheaper there. It is a nice drive and not that far, so we don’t mind the journey every few months to stock up 🙂 On the drive up, we saw not too much of interest, apart from a large, pink, cement-mixer truck which struck us as amusing. It looked like a bottle of Pepto Bismol…

pink truck

Having arrived, purchased from and departed the ‘Jug Store’ in Jane, Missouri, (in case any of you also wish to make that pilgrimage in aid of the cheaper cigarette), we head back to Fayetteville and to the IRS office.

The nice lady tells me that, indeed there is no documentation for me with them…

“Nooooooo… really?”

She goes on to say that she can supply me with three letters (one for each year asked for), stating that fact, and that she could print them off there and then.

“Don’t let me stop you, please feel free to print!”

Armed with the letter(s) I needed, we dropped in at Walmart on the way home.

Now, I will not grocery shop at Walmart, unless it is on line. We had a less than pleasant trip to that effect some time ago, which is best not elaborated upon since it may bring on PWSD (Post Walmart Shopping Depression!). Suffice to say, the only time we will shop there in person now is non-grocery – and Tuesday was such an occasion. I needed a housecoat for my Dad and some sweaters for myself, since I only had one. Cardigans and hoodies are NOT the same. I find two black sweaters. Hallelujah! Hubby finds a housecoat for Dad. We go home.

We arrived home in time to give the dogs their dinner, for that matter we were getting a little peckish ourselves. On the doorstep was a box.

I had ordered some new Doctor Marten boots. Mine are over fifteen years old and, due to constant wear, are worn out – but only the soles. The uppers have golden angels on the ankles


and are as new. I have been trying to find somewhere that will re-sole them for two years, without success… so far. So, a few days ago, I gave in and finally ordered a new pair. That was them in the box.


Did I get any writing done Tuesday? Don’t be silly…

Wednesday: Catching up with chores and go out to post Dad’s housecoat to him, in the UK.

Did I get any writing done? Hahahahahahaha!!

Hopefully, the rest of this week will be quiet and non-news worthy 🙂 (I may even get some writing done??)



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