Going Nowhere

Listening to the crackle of falling ice droplets outside my window on a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit Thursday morning, I watch, as a blanket of white slowly but surely covers my world. The TV had forecast ice storms, but they were supposed to be later today, not in the morning.

WP_20131205_001 WP_20131205_002

I fear I shall be unable, and unwilling, to go out in this today. I am not the most confident driver to begin with, but this ice…there is no way I would risk driving in ice. So, no writers’ group tonight 😦

I was looking forward to going there, after Thanksgiving gave us all a week off, but I suppose it is just not to be this week. Perhaps next week the weather shall be with us. I really hope so, because a week from today I go for my naturalization interview at immigration! I had better be able to get there…

2 thoughts on “Going Nowhere

  1. l think l too would be scared to drive on ice, we used to get a lot of sleet when l was very young, and l used to ride my bike to school, that was a hard job too.
    yes, stay home, and hopefully the naturalization day will be excellent weather for you.
    l have a feeling you will break all the rules to get to it.
    even if you have to fly via an eagle? sorry lol that was silly.


    • I would at that 😉 It is going to be a very important day indeed. The last interview (I hope) before they decide whether or not they will allow me to be a citizen. I have been studying the ‘test’, that will take place at said interview, religiously and will be doing little else until the day has passed. Then I suppose I can concentrate on the health stuff. That is a quicker and easier fix, providing the surgeon deems it wise to go ahead and remove the thing causing all the problems 🙂 Fingers crossed 😉


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