Seasonal decorations are upon us

We finally succumbed. The trusty little tree is now up in our sunroom.


A mouse had made its bed in the box, so I suppose it is a good job the tree has escaped now. Don’t worry, the mouse seems long gone. I ‘do’ this time of year; not for the presents, or for the ‘Christmas’ stories, but for the MUSIC and the history.

The deep rooted and ancient origins of this season interest me. Most of the rituals came from the Pagans and have been adapted to almost every ‘religion’ under the sun. It is strange to think that these religions were so against Pagans, but have unwittingly kept their memory alive by adopting dates and symbols from otherwise forgotten times. Another thing is clear to me…it does brighten up wintertime 🙂

“Alice does seem to be blogging a lot.” I here you utter. Yes, I suppose I am.

Due to a pending immigration interview and whilst awaiting health outcomes, I am taking a little break from writing my book. Once the afore mentioned hindrances are out of the way, I am looking forward to resuming my muse 🙂 Meanwhile, the muse needs an outlet – hence ‘the blog’. 🙂

We also found a couple of old friends.


Frosty           and          Tin-Tin

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