Back to a new normal…

Huey is home. Got him settled with the next dose, trying to keep that all on track. They said he had to stop smoking and have given him nicotine patches. So… before he came home, I went around the house… and the cars… and collected all the smokes (his and mine) and hid them… along with lighters They are in my red room – somewhere πŸ˜‰. That is now the only smoking room in the house, as it’s far away from the living areas. I do not plan on giving up, but plan to be very considerate and supportive of him, so will only smoke cigs there, or on the porch. I have drug out my electronic cig for use in the rest of the house and the cars, if needed, so that no smoky smell will be there. That should help him. It is currently on charge and a new filter awaits it when it’s ready. SOOOOO glad to have him home! The dogs are all happy, happy, joy, joy too. Loki in particular has missed his dad something awful. He was laying by the foot of Huey’s chair every night, looking at me as if to say ‘now what? where is he?’
So good to be back to normal again… a new normal, but normal nevertheless πŸ™‚
Huey is now down to 8ml in a day… about half what he was on with the pills. The hospital said that would have taken 8 weeks… he did it in 5 days πŸ˜‰ I had called this morning to make sure if he checked out or not, and the nurse I spoke to said that Huey ‘was a pleasure to look after’, when I thanked her and the other staff for taking such good care of him. He made them laugh every day. That is Huey πŸ™‚

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