<< Is Now A Citizen Of The United States Of America

Awaking at 8 am, we ventured out this morning to attend my Oath Ceremony.

Commencing our journey, the first song we hear on the radio is David Bowie’s ‘Changes’. How appropriate!

The windy and hilly road eventually led Georgie Girl and us to the immigration office in Fort smith and we ventured inside, where I was given a designated seat.

I needed no prompts for the Pledge Of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner. I already know them both by heart. Although, I could not sing all of the latter, since my eyes had welled up by this point. Then came the Oath…

Taking the oath

 An extremely proud moment, followed by presentations of Citizenship certificates.

PresentationThe citizen

They do not give out cards anymore, so this is now a done deal. I am now officially a citizen of The United States Of America 😀


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