A Jeep, a burger, shopping and a nice house

We just had a wonderful afternoon in town, just shooting around in our gorgeous Jeep in the sunshine, ending with a little grocery shopping.

How can that be wonderful?

You may well ask.

We went to Marvin’s, a completely different experience to Wal-Mart, and all together more relaxing. I bought part one and part two of Stephen King’s “Under The Dome”. It looked interesting and apparently has an Iraq war veteran in it. Since the main character in the book I am currently writing is also an Iraq war veteran, it struck a chord 🙂

I shall place both books on the bottom of the VERY long list of books I have yet to read…

We had lunch at Backyard Burgers. If any of you live in NW Arkansas and have never been there I suggest you give them a try. Their burgers are to die for.

On the way home, Huey made sure we drove past some of my favourite houses en route. I love our house, of course, but that doesn’t stop me admiring others too 🙂 I particularly have a soft spot for this one and always have had. I love the style. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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