First Theatre Trip. For FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.

Studio Lights from Kent

Photograph: copyright-Kent Bonham


Word Count: 100


© Alice White 2014

I let gravity drop me to the seat, and wait.

Music washes over me, like a dream.

Overture. Act one. Man in the mirror, so forlorn, so tortured.

Compassion grips me. I cry.

A chandelier falls.

In the interval, an obscure whisper. I turn.

No one there. I disregard the voice I must have dreamt, and sip my wine.

Again, he calls me softly by name. Again, I turn. Again, no one there.

“I am your angel. Come to your angel.”

I didn’t dream that, did I?

“Who are you?” I ask.

“The Phantom of the Opera is here, inside your mind”

14 thoughts on “First Theatre Trip. For FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.

  1. If that’s on the first theater trip, I wonder what will be next. 🙂 You got the eeriness but it felt to me as though she was in the theater by herself, which doesn’t make sense. Perhaps it just wasn’t full, so that she didn’t see someone when she turned around. But voices in my head would make me concerned!



    • She was there alone but among people, if that makes sense 🙂 Perhaps I should have said “No one there close enough to have whispered” 🙂 I think she should go again to see if he says anything else 😉


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