Big Announcement for Little Readers

Jan Morrill Writes

After dreaming about it for a very long time, I’m thrilled to announce that two of my children’s stories will be published this year by Lee Press, an imprint of Oghma Creative Media. Artist Dawne Michelle Smith will illustrate the books, and as you might imagine, I can’t wait to see her renditions!

Both middle grade stories are based on the friendship of Sachi Kimura and Jubie Lee Franklin, two characters taken from my historical fiction, The Red Kimono.

Xs and Os is the story of the day Sachi and Jubie first meet. Though Sachi lives in an internment camp behind barbed wire and Jubie lives in the town outside of camp, and though their skin color is different from the other’s, they find they have a few things in common that will bind their friendship for years.

In The Magical Red Kimono, Sachi teaches Jubie a Japanese dance…

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