Getting It Right

A fine and very wise blog post from my friend and fellow author, Velda Brotherton.

Velda Brotherton

flowers 004

You wouldn’t call this lily a rose

Those of us who write nonfiction know we have to “get it right.” But often fiction authors aren’t as careful. When I’m reading fiction and see something way off base I often stop reading. Why didn’t this writer take the time to find out how something really works? My husband is an avid reader, a gun lover and an auto and airplane mechanic. Nothing annoys him more than to run across a character in a fiction story who does something absolutely wrong when it comes to guns, cars or airplanes. There are experts like him in every field and chances are, some of them will read our books and experience the same reaction.

We may be writing fiction, but we need to get the real stuff right. Gone are the days when we could make up everything and get away with it.


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