What is SPRING?

I sit in my recliner during a break today, at around 12.30pm and watch the light change.

I wonder if you all know what I mean by that.

Well, in short it means that spring has arrived. But what is spring?


Brand new buds augment their presence on trees.

Flowers shoot up to the waiting world in a spectacular, but gradual, “ta-da”.

daffodilsYellow daffodils stretch for the cloudless warmer, richer, bluer sky from greener grass.

Cardinal and BlueJayMister Cardinal shares his juicy pickings with mistresses Blue Jay.

Sister Goldfinch perches with tentative balance on newly formed twigs.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERACarefree deer at play in the meadow, their white tails bouncing.

Thunder storms, rain, and a fuller sun coaxing all to life.

The daylight’s paler, winter colours make way for brighter hues,

Signalling spring has sprung along with hope for new beginnings.


What does spring mean for you?

4 thoughts on “What is SPRING?

    • I sat there and watched it change, Velda. The first time I have actually witnessed the event, and hoping it isn’t the last. Usually, I look out at one point and see pale light of winter. The next time I look it will have changed to the deeper hues of spring. It was amazing to this year see it actually happening. 🙂 Yay for spring!


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