#NotSorry: 5 Things I No Longer Apologize For

Wonderful, inspiring blog post, from my friend and fellow author August McLaughlin. I thank you for posting your five, August. Here are mine.
1. For not being a morning person, and not feeling comfortable with, or having patience for, doing too much at that time of day, other than letting the dogs out for their morning constitutional, before coffee! I now say; “I’m grumpy in the mornings – deal with it.” 😉
2. For being an introvert. I have found that “button” some of we introverts press in order to be a little more social at gatherings, but sometimes it doesn’t work. When I was very young, I actually used to think there was something wrong with me, and used to apologize inwardly, until I met more introverts. Now, I don’t.
3. For not feeling I have the time or energy, (or inclination), to wear makeup, get my nails done, follow the latest trend in hair-do’s, follow fashion, or own many pairs of fancy shoes. I tried makeup once upon a time, but did not like how it felt on my face, so stopped using it. Thankfully, I am happy enough in my own skin that I don’t feel the need to cover it up with “war paint” 🙂 I also wear a lot of black. a) because I REALLY like black, and b) it makes it so easy to pick out a coordinating “outfit” for the day!! (I do like to be coordinated, but I’m not overboard about it). I must stress, however, that I only “dress up” when I’m going out of the house, or if we are having visitors, (the latter for the sake of decency), since most of the time I lull about the house in my pajamas. Yes, my PJ’s are coordinated, too 😉
4. For sometimes having to say NO to arrangements, because of health or life in general getting in the way. Or because I just don’t want to. Sometimes, priorities change or we don’t feel like doing something, so we shouldn’t feel bullied or guilt-tripped into it. I used to, for fear of hurting feelings, but I don’t anymore. So, if I do agree to do something, know that it is because I WANT to and am able to, not because I would feel guilty if I didn’t 😉
5. Finally, for being weird and unusual. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum, and never felt the need to “fit in”. Occasionally, especially when I was much younger, it would get me down to be called “weird” or “freaky” or “just not with the times”, but now I embrace my uniqueness. Life is way too short to feel guilty about being yourself. 🙂

Girl Boner

You may have noticed that women apologize a lot. A whole lot. While it’s appropriate to say, “Sorry!” when we’ve, say, stepped on another’s toe, apologizing for being ourselves hurts us and, by way of example, others.

A few years ago, the ever-sparkly Natalie Hartford published a blog post called 5 Things I’ll Never Apologize For, which basically says, “This is who I am. Deal with it!” (Woot!)

I’ve thought of her post many times since, particularly upon realizing I’m no longer apologetic for aspects of myself that once left me guilt-ridden.

Here are five of those things:

1. For not being a night owl.

I think I’m genetically predisposed to turn into a mushy-headed pumpkin by 9pm. (I don’t even know what that is. Anyway…) I used to feel dorky for wanting to eat dinner at 5pm or donning PJs when “hipper” friends were taking pre-going out naps. Not anymore.

Proof that turning in early can be sweeter. Proof that turning in early can be sweeter.

If I stay…

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