Outrage over a Red Kimono?

This event was run BY the Japanese and is being protested “on behalf of the Japanese” by NON Japanese people… what on earth is this world coming to?! In Jan Morril’s The Red Kimono, Jubee wears Sashi’s mother’s kimono and performs a Japanese dance, which Sachi has taught her. Does Jubee do this because she is racist? Of course not. She does this to honour Sachi and her culture.
By the same token, I have copious amounts of Blue Willow china, which I display lovingly in a cabinet bought specifically for the purpose. Am I racist for collecting this china? No, I am not. I just love the Blue Willow design, and even have a few very old pieces made in Japan.

In my humble opinion, people need to get a grip and stop being offended by so many things that do not concern them.

Going back to The Red Kimono – a great read, for those interested in REAL history and wonderful storytelling – when Jubee did that, I remember thinking how lovely it was that those two girls from very different backgrounds shared their heritage and culture with each other so openly. Some adults could learn a lot from the open acceptance of the innocent, non-judgemental attitudes of children.


I’ve been following a discussion on Facebook about the outrage over an event called “Kimono Wednesdays” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the more I read about it, the more infuriated I get.


Through the month of July, the museum invited guests to try on a replica of the kimono that appears in Claude Monet’s 1876 painting titled “La Japonaise.” They were also invited to have pictures taken. Some people were offended and considered the event racist. (See Angry Asian Man’s post, “Get Your Geisha On at the Museum of Fine Arts.“)

Here’s a Facebook comment that appeared on MFA’s Facebook page about the event:

This is honestly one of the most vilely racist things I’ve ever seen. White folks wanting to play dress up and feel Japanese? Please, don’t. Japan isn’t your mystical fantasy playground for you to go galavanting around in…

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