For Bailey, Our Sweet Boy

This exceptional piece was written by my friend and very talented author, Lori Ericson. What a great insight into a doggie frame of mind from Bailey’s point of view.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece, Lori. I know first-hand how tough it is when our furry children are sick or pass beyond the rainbow bridge, and my heart goes out to you both!

Lori Ericson, Author

I wrote this post some time ago. Since then, we’ve lost Riley to old age and Bailey is now sick with tick disease. 

The boss hollers at me, but I ignore him. He thinks that if he provides a few benefits, which I more than deserve, I should trot my ass right on over when he yells.

He calls again. I turn my head and glance over my shoulder. He’s not even looking my way but appears to be scanning the sky, checking out the clouds. I’ll stay right here where I please, enjoying the breeze and watching a squirrel run up and down the big tree just beyond the fence.

I’ve about had it with his demands. I should just walk out and see what other opportunities there are for a guy like me. I know how to contribute. I’m good at security patrol in a place like this…

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