So I tried this new-fangled “Windows 10″…

A few months ago, Windows gave me the opportunity to download their new OS for free. I procrastinated and procrastinated, then finally, on Monday evening, plucked up enough courage to download the thing.

First of all, it is an app-based system.Windows 10 Whilst I am sure this may work very well for some, I am NOT a fan. I had to go through ALL the settings and configure them so that the “apps” – which, by the way, along with its many other bells and whistles, I will never have cause to utilize – could not access any of my information – since it is automatically set up so that they can!

Secondly, you cannot get rid of “Cortana” completely. CortanaYes, you can switch her off and stop her from “getting to know you”, (that you have to switch her off instead of having to turn on the feature should tell you something), but you cannot obliterate her from your life completely. That blessed search bar, which takes up almost a quarter of your precious task bar space, won’t go away!

Thirdly, and most annoyingly, the “Mouse Delay” feature. Basically, when you type something ANYWHERE the mouse is delayed from working for a certain time afterwards, supposedly so that it doesn’t “move around” when you are typing… Like I said, annoying. It does have four settings; “Long”, “Medium”, “Short”, and “No delay (always working)”. I opted for the latter, since this feature was already driving me round the bend, and there seemed no way to get rid of it completely, but there was still a 3 second delay.


I’m a writer, and as such need my mouse to operate immediately if I make an error or need to find a passage quickly – do not need an imposed delay, which is NOT by the way present in Windows 7, ruining my flow.

So my verdict for Windows 10? In short;


Needless to say, I reverted to my beloved Windows 7 with immediate effect,Windows 7 and have a much renewed appreciation for this marvel of technology. I remember running it for the first time and loving it. This from a die-hard XP fan!

To sum up; 7 is like XP on speed with added benefits. 10 is comparative to Vista, (which I also hated),  in the annoyance stakes.

I shall never again give in to a replacement, until it is absolutely imperative!

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