Publishing Contract!!

I’ll make this short and to the point, as I feel it deserves blurting out…

I’ve signed with Snow Leopard Publishing for

That English Lady!


The fact that they liked my submitted manuscript blew me away. To then go ahead and want to publish it… well, let’s just say…


I’m excited to begin the journey!thTBKDUVGS




minion happy

9 thoughts on “Publishing Contract!!

    • Thanks, Nancy 🙂 I looked around all the ones I had earmarked when I became ready to try publishers, but they either were not accepting submissions, or just didn’t seem to be interested. Turned out well for me, though, in the end, as I’m now with the right publisher who likes and believes in my book as much as I do, and who seem to be extremely diligent, too 🙂 Could not be happier.


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