Here We Go Again…

I know where Jan is coming from here, but three months? If I was one of those authors who can speed through a first draft and JUST WRITE it, fair enough. But I’m not. I’m an ” edit as I go” writer, and that takes a little longer for the first draft.

Why do I do this? Well, I think it is just how I am built. It seems impossible to me to “just write” without correcting things I see are wrong along the way. Errors tend to bug me, fogging up my brain toward any further “inspiration” until they are fixed. But editing a first draft as I go does have it’s advantages, too, despite taking a little longer. With reference to future drafts: They are not only less numerous as a result, but also somewhat less daunting if the first is–again, somewhat–edited already.

Stephen King’s list made me smile, and he has some cracking points to make! Thanks to Jan for posting it, and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! 🙂

Jan Morrill Writes

It’s almost time for New Year’s resolutions, and once again, at the top of my list is to finish the sequel to The Red Kimono. (Me thinks this is Year 3, but it’s possible this is Year 4.)

I bring this up now, because I found a good article by Stephen King on Twitter this morning, where he lists his Top 20 Rules for Writers. Take a look, then guess which one appealed to me most.

Time’s up. It was Rule #10:

You have three months.

That’s Mr. King shouting at me. He adds:

The first draft of a book—even a long one—should take no more than three months, the length of a season.

jan thinkingSo, what if I gave myself three months to finish the sequel? I work best under pressure. Maybe that would help. It would be a huge challenge, now that I’m working full time. But…

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