I am an author from England, now living in the USA. I was born to a Scottish mother and an English father in England. I began writing short stories and poetry at a very early age, progressing to novels in 2008. I did not seriously envisage publishing any of my work until I migrated to the United States and married in 2009. On moving to Arkansas in 2011, where I now live happily with my husband, I for the first time saw the reality of sharing my work, digitally.

I write time travel, fantasy, romance.

Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of The Blue Door Trilogy are available for Kindle at Amazon,and in paperback at Amazonand Barnes and Noble. As is the stand-alone book loosely attached to this trilogy,Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures).

I love to attend a wonderful critique group, Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop, where I have received some of the best advice and guidance I could ever have wished for, and am currently working on my next novel/novella. I like to compose music, play the flute, keyboard, and violin. I love animals – especially dogs and giraffe – anything gothic, and Doctor Who.

I also became a citizen of the United States, on January 17th, 2014.

My next novel, That English Lady, will be available from http://www.snowleopardpublishing.com in spring of 2016.

Emily Kendall and August Smith meet in a support chat-room, in 2008. They are not looking for anything other than friendship. Certainly not love. Much less so, the time travel and magic that faces them beyond the willow tree.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you, Nancy 🙂 This is my first attempt at blogging, lol! I do have Facebook, but I don’t think that is considered blogging, I don’t put much on there about my life, but mainly reposting Snoopy, Garfield and Doctor Who pictures I find relevant – sometimes about the dogs too. I try to do a lot for my books on my author page there, which this blog is connected to. When I post a blog it automatically goes to Facebook and Twitter. I am finding that a very helpful tool, as it saves me having to repeat myself all the time :-P. I am figuring it out here, but it isn’t easy sometimes to know what to ‘blog’ about… as I’m not really a blogger type of person. I shall try to blog at least once a week, though, even if it is just day to day stuff 🙂 🙂


  2. So pleased to hear more about you and for us to connect via cyberspace as well as critique group. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Cheers for the holidays and good reading, writing to come.


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