Your reward for being so very patient and waiting for That English Lady’s cover reveal¬†is finally here!

This was EXACTLY what I had in mind for the cover. I mean exactly! Giant KUDOS to Snow Leopard Publishing’s ultra-talented cover designer! He did an absolutely phenomenal job. See what you think ūüôā

That English Lady Sample 4

FREE! The Blue Door Trilogy on Kindle. You’re welcome :)

I thought I would give away something for the holidays, so my self-published trilogy, The Blue Door, Beyond The Blue Door, and Return To The Blue Door, and their sister stand-alone novella, Twisted Labyrinth, are available NOW for FREE on Kindle up until December 22nd. Just in time for those last-minute holiday gifts for a loved one, or perhaps for yourself! Just think, you could own the whole set for FREE!

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings!


M.E., a book promo, the HP Stream x360, and a complete publishing contract.

What a week… actually… what a month!

Now… those who know me are aware of my medical condition, M.E. Aka C.F.S, (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), here in the US. A name¬†I HATE as it implies that is all there is to the illness… I can tell you, it is not.

[If you don’t know what it is and are interested to find out, THIS SITE explains it best]

I have had a few relapses before, but in recent times, and for a good long spell of about 6 years, the M.E., although still “somewhat” symptomatic, had been in remission… until a¬†few weeks ago, when¬†I began to feel more tired than normal. In fact, exhausted. Especially in the evenings, which ruled out critique group for a few weeks. I knew what that meant – a relapse – and made the necessary adjustments to my life, (like the example above RE: critique group),¬†meanwhile to kicking¬†said relapse’s¬†arse.

Well, I’m happy to say, (tentatively,¬†don’t want to jinx myself!), I have been¬†feeling a little better for the past few days – as far as the fatigue goes, anyway – so I shall be making a cautious return to critique group this week, and see how I fair from that.¬†I still hurt, but that is pretty much normal for me, and still waiting for my concentration to improve again, so that I can get on with rewriting The Blue Door Trilogy, (perhaps for submission to a publisher, finally). I’m not going to change the story any, but I would like to improve the writing quality and tweak the style¬†in line with what I have learnt since¬†first finishing it back in 2008.

Speaking of those books.


As my way of saying a big THANK YOU to all who have followed, bought books, offered invaluable advice, or otherwise been a huge¬†support to¬†me¬†since I began my authorly journey, I have my self-published¬†“Blue Door” books coming up for a FREE promotion from December 18th until December 22nd, (just in time for Christmas ūüėČ ).. You can access them all¬†HERE or¬†HERE, or click on the above¬†picture of them.

A few weeks ago, just before the relapse as a matter of fact, I decided to upgrade my computer. I went with an HP Stream x360.¬†Mine is “Blizzard White”, like those in the pictures.

HP Stream x360HP Stream x360 foldedHP Stream x360 folded back

If you have not already been made aware of this fabulous little machine, let me tell you how wonderful it is. I had an HP Pavilion G6 notebook, running Windows 7 – and I LOVED it! It never gave me a day’s grief in its long, productive¬†life, I just needed something more up to date.

Sad as I was to say goodbye to my beloved Pavilion, this Stream more than takes its place. Not only does it do everything the Pavilion did, it does it better, faster, and with a touchscreen – not to mention the 360 keyboard, turning it into either a laptop, or a tablet, or anything in between. I also love the smaller size. My old HP was a 15 inch screen and rather heavy. The Stream’s screen¬†is a petite-but-adequate 11.6 inches, and it is feather-light, compared to the Pavilion.

Now, for Windows 8.1. First, let me say; I will NEVER get a laptop with Windows 10. A previous blog post will explain why. 8.1, however, is fantastic. I really like how it keeps the best bits of 7, (not that there was anything remotely wrong with 7 at all), and melds them with new features. As a result, I could not be happier with this little darling.

And now the VERY BESTEST EVER news. Today, my completed publishing contract arrived in my mail box – signed by both parties. Now it’s REALLY official!! And I am so very thankful to have Snow Leopard Publishing as my publisher for¬†“That English Lady” ūüôā


I’m looking forward to receiving my first editing draft from them soon ūüôā

Marketing Meeting :)

I had an excellent meeting¬†with Snow Leopard Publishing’s marketing manager, Christian Lee today¬†for

That English Lady!design (2)

Looking forward to receiving the marketing and production plan as a result.

I’m still excited¬†to continue¬†the, so far interesting, fun, and pleasant¬†journey!

minion happy

Publishing Contract!!

I’ll make this short and to the point, as I feel it deserves blurting out…

I’ve signed with Snow Leopard Publishing for

That English Lady!


The fact that they liked my¬†submitted manuscript blew me away. To then go ahead and want to publish it… well, let’s just say…


I’m excited¬†to begin the journey!thTBKDUVGS




minion happy

Final milestone of edits for That English Lady

Last Thursday, I attended my writers critique group, Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop, with the final five pages of That English Lady. This being the ending to the book, I hoped everyone would appreciate it and even like it. That it would hit the mark as a GOOD ending. That it would do justice to the rest of the story. photo-165I felt in my heart that it covered all the bases very well, but the general consensus from group served to reinforce this. They liked it, and even had a few suggestions to make it even stronger, which I took to heart and acted upon the next day.

So now, That English Lady is complete and ready for submissions or self-publishing.

Either way, a professional editor shall get to see it, (and if anyone has suggestions on good freelance editors they have had positive experiences with Рin case I go with self-publishing Рplease feel free to comment below), but I am not entirely sure which way to go with it yet.cropped-cropped-typewriter.jpg

I self-published The Blue Door Trilogy Рwhich I am going to get to work on re-editing for a second, improved edition AFTER a reasonable sabbatical Рand may well end up doing the same with this one. Although, having a traditional publisher take it on, along with the formatting, professional editing, cover design, etc. does have a certain appeal! I suppose we shall see if indeed any submissions bear fruit or not first.

Regardless of eventual outcome, I at least intend to try the traditional, small press, route with this book before deciding what is best for it.

Wish me luck! ūüôā

Popsicle Styx, by John T Biggs. A gripping psychological tale.

Popsicle Styx by John T Biggs

Once you get used to the author’s unusual way of writing dialogue, Popsicle Styx will engage and keep you reading to the very end. An intriguing glimpse into the mind of a Choctaw prison chaplain, who tries to offer solace and redemption to prisoners as they wait to walk the mile to their fate, while battling with his own faith-based conflicts, weaves a compelling tale. It is filled with darkness, mystery, magic, thrills, and multi-dimensional characters, some of whom we also get to know a little more intimately than we might be comfortable with in reality. I enjoyed this well-written book and look forward to reading more from John T Biggs.