NEW Blog site

Here is my new blog site. I’ll still leave this one up for a while, but am moving everything over to Wix, where I have my website. Just makes sense to have everything together and connected where possible 🙂

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!



Busy, busy, busy…

As well as editing The Blue Door Trilogy – I’m about half way through – and spending a lovely quiet day with hubby and the furry children for Valentine’s,WP_20150801_001[1] (so didn’t get much of anything else done yesterday), I’ve been very busy setting up a brand new website and email – since the other is connected with the old site.



The new one looks similar to the old, but with only a few minor differences, (I’m hoping improvements?), and I found it remarkably easy to navigate.

Check it out and see what you think 🙂

If any of you want to receive author newsletters from me, there is now a form for that on the bottom of my home page… something I was unable to figure how to do with my old site.


Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Funky Shelves Lookbook

Here are some more fancy ways to display your books, from Café Book Bean, that I thought you all might like, too. I m liking the piano one a lot, how about you?

Cafe Book Bean

I love displaying books in fun and unique ways. I also really enjoy seeing how other people find new and interesting ways to shelve their books. 🙂 So like a good bibliophile I compiled a drool worthy list.

So here is a series of fun and funky bookshelves:

1.vintage crate shelvesI love the rustic vibe and functionality of this clever creation

pac-manHow awesome is this one! Maybe it’s just the nerd in me…

6684724Ok… This is SUCH a crazy fun idea. Mine might look a little different, but I LOVE the concept.

batman-bookshelfAnother one that’s reveals a slight nerdy side, but it’s just so great.

e4e926e0c7f710e3304f466036ddcf1dI know it seems a bit simple for this post, but I am really drawn to it. I love the funkiness, and that it is on wheels!!!

70856a9ac40011d0b0a387b6aaa44f37This one is SO pretty and unique. I just love the creativeness!


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Your sexuality IS embraceable! A book trailer

This is my dear friend August McLaughlin’s trailer for her new book! Awesome job, August xox

Girl Boner

Hello beauties!

I’m thrilled to share with you the Embraceable trailer, featuring me and eight of the book’s contributing authors. It was a blast to make, and well worth the learning curve. (I’ve never done anything quite like this!)

Special thanks to Gabe at Global Voice Broadcasting for making it shine. 😀

Stay tuned for news on the paperback and virtual release party—coming soon! Wishing you a fabulous weekend. ♥


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