Quite a month – quite a year, so far…

At the start of September, I had no idea what a month this would be. I was expecting most of it to be fairly quiet after turning fifty toward the end of August.

Well, expectation can be a curiously unpredictable animal.

I already posted about having the new bridge installed, and stupidly figured that would be our excitement for the month. How wrong I was!

After celebrating the first day of autumn—forever to be my favourite season—last weekend, Fayetteville hosted Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. This year, they incorporated Arvest Ballpark into the list of venues for a growing number of events. It hosted a huge car show on Saturday the 26th. We attended.

I will tell you: Although I have flown many times in big jumbo jets, I have NEVER been up in a helicopter, but at $25 for three minutes or $45 for six, darling Hubby felt this should be remedied. And so we opted for the latter option.

As the huge, red dragonfly took to the air, a wisp of wind caught my hair. With what followed, I was very glad to have sat in the back!

Hubby told the pilot to “skim the trees” and then “lean backwards and forwards”. Of course, I had no idea what this would entail. Wind as I had never before felt swept around my body like a dervish, and if not for the seat belt, I swear I might have tumbled forward.

I will admit it. I screamed. Held on tight. (And there Hubby wanted me to sit in the front? I DON’T think so!). However, having gone through it, survived, and subsequently relaxed into a “this isn’t so bad” frame of mind, I didn’t flinch the second time Hubby urged our pilot into shenanigans and very much enjoyed the rest of the adventure.

One word comes to mind when I recall that virgin helicopter flight.


Yes, I would definitely do it again. I did not take a video of OUR six minutes—with so much wind up there, it would have been foolish to have any loose objects at all, and I would likely have dropped the camera anyway—but I did manage to catch the helicopter taking off again afterwards. It’s included in this video I made of the whole car show experience.

Unfortunately, none of the videos we took of the Parade of Power—which was the next port of call—came out. But we got a good viewing spot as they all roared past.

The reason we went out on Saturday? Apart from the fact that I love bikes and cars… Sunday was our wedding anniversary. Six years married! Where does the time go? We got to view the entire lunar eclipse from our front porch for our sixth anniversary. How special is that? Again, no pictures. Neither of our cameras would have done it justice.

As the “diamond ring” melted away on the right hand side, a full moon of blood-orange tinged with black flecks faced us, emanating a halo so subtle we had to squint to see it. Then, after an hour or so of ever changing orange hues and black flecks, another “diamond ring” slowly filtered into view on the left.

That meant we were done. After almost two hours of craning our necks to see the spectacle, we surely needed some down time!

But we are not done yet!

Yesterday, I received the news that I became a Granny! On the 26th of September, weighing 6lb 8 oz., little Lexi was born over in the UK.

So, yes. September has been quite the month, all told.

And, 2015 has been quite the year. I turned fifty, obtained a bridge over our creek, celebrated six wonderful years of marriage to my darling Hubby, took my first helicopter flight, AND became a Granny! After this year of firsts and milestones, I wonder what other surprised this year has in store…

In October, I shall be attending the NIMROD conference in Tulsa—also a first—and in November, the OWL conference in Branson. I’ve been a member of OWL for a couple of years now. While I am certain both will provide their own adventures, I am not expecting anything. Least of all peace and quiet!

Ooooo-klahoma…where the power goes out across the grid…

Isn’t it amazing how dependent we human beings have become on electricity?

Heaters going full blast and wood stove burning its little butt off, we discover we shall need more wood to last out this uncharacteristic winter storm, which half the country seems to have. Hubby goes and gets the Jeep.

Even poor Georgie Girl, the Jeep, can’t get up the hill in order to fetch a substantial load of said wood to the house. The snow is packed solid, like ice and she slipped and slid all over the place… without actually going anywhere. So, hubby drags the little red wagon up there to the barn (where we keep our firewood) and hauls enough for a couple of days. I guess we shall have to keep doing that until we can get the Jeep up there to do more.

This area NEVER gets this kind of extreme weather… Everyone is having major issues. You just don’t expect to get anything near this kind of weather this far south. Gosh, if we had wanted to live in these conditions we would have moved to Montana…

The story isn’t over yet, though.

We had just got nice and toasty, with all the heaters still going and the stove ablaze with warmth like a blanket, and were getting ready to have some dinner.

At around 5.30pm our electricity goes POOF. Power outage. What the hell…

Hubby fetches the new camping stove by flash-light. Sets it up ready to cook soup when we are ready. We collect the kerosene lamps. Set them up. Now we have light. I deposit one gallon water bottles in the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Why the living room? Well, that is where the wood stove is. So, that is where we all have to stay – including the dogs –  and I bring a bowl for the dogs’ water so that they don’t have to keep trekking through to the icy cold kitchen for a drink. The gallon bottle sits beside it to fill as and when.

Okay, we are set up for the night, if necessary.

We look out of the living room window. See a UFO! Actually, it was probably just a plane or perhaps a helicopter…but where would be the fun in that?

Apparently, I say the magic words. “I could always read to you,” directed to hubby.

BINGO and let there be light.

Lessons learned = MANY. In particular, store some firewood in the shop/garage in future. But first, it needs to STOP snowing and melt!

Gratitude level = through the roof. THANK YOU OKLAHOMA, (since that is where our electricity comes from…don’t ask), for bringing our power back within two hours…[but **** you for failing to keep it going in the first place when we need it the most :-P]

This has been our little adventure, here in the North West Arkansas wilderness.

Thank you for spending the time to read my story.

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