Q&A with Deborah Kalb

Friend and fellow author #JanMorrill interview with Deborah Kalb.


Thank you to Deborah Kalb for her interview about The Red Kimono. It comes at a perfect time to honor my mom as she enters the next chapter. Click HERE for the full interview.

Jan Morrill is the author of the novel The Red Kimono. Her other work includes the essay collection Doll in the Red Kimono and the haiku collection Life: Haiku by Haiku. She is based in Dallas.

Q: How did your family’s history inspire the writing of The Red Kimono?

A: Neither my mother nor her family spoke much about their internment, so for most of my childhood, I didn’t think about it.

But when my parents took us to visit Tule Lake, one of the camps where, as an eight-year old, my mother had been interned, I watched her stare at the desolate site with tears in her eyes. It was then that…

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Author Interview With Arkansas Authors Part Two.

You can view part two of my interview with Arkansas Authors right here. Alice White’s Author interview with Arkansas Authors Part Two. 🙂 Part one is available here. Alice White’s Author interview with Arkansas Authors Part One.cropped-official-banner-2014-black-2.jpg


In preparation for the journey south today, we had a dummy run yesterday, just to the next local town. From there we can use the freeway, so there was no need to go further. Unlike the day before, a sweeper had apparently been and the road was mostly clear.


Today we set out at 8.30 am, in frigid temperatures of ten degrees Fahrenheit, to venture out for a very necessary naturalization appointment with immigration. If it had not been such an important interview, we would not even have left the house today.

Georgie Girl


was a little reluctant to start up. I cannot say that I blame her in the slightest, I felt likewise. However, she did start and off we popped.

We re-traced our journey from yesterday in the trusty Jeep, Georgie Girl, and made it to the freeway, which was somewhat slick, but dealable with.  We arrived at immigration ten minutes early, after an hour-long journey dodging ice patches and snow melts. I went over in my head questions from the quiz that I was having trouble setting in my mind, one more time. In we went. I was informed prior to, that the interview… the final one where they decide if you can become a U.S. citizen… ‘could’ last as much as two hours. I was back out and in the Jeep again with hubby within fifteen minutes.

I  ACED the test and the interview! Yay for me! 😀

I am SO relieved, I cannot begin to tell you how much. This was an extremely big deal!

BUT, just to be VERY clear, I am NOT a citizen just yet. Not until the ceremony. I am still a Permanent Resident.

Now, all we have to do is wait for a notification to attend the swearing-in ceremony, where I believe they hand you the citizenship card, (or else they send it to you, not really sure which at this point, but it doesn’t matter), and ‘swear you in’ (as the name suggests).

I have no clue as to how long that will be, but don’t mind waiting. I have done all the hard bits 🙂

So, as we made it safely home again, in the warm house…


we can relax for the rest of the weekend. Writer’s workshop is cancelled again this week, because of the inclement weather, and I do not believe we have to go anywhere at all until next Tuesday… Another important appointment, this time with the surgeon to discuss my scan results. Hopefully the weather will allow us to make that journey too…


Going Nowhere

Listening to the crackle of falling ice droplets outside my window on a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit Thursday morning, I watch, as a blanket of white slowly but surely covers my world. The TV had forecast ice storms, but they were supposed to be later today, not in the morning.

WP_20131205_001 WP_20131205_002

I fear I shall be unable, and unwilling, to go out in this today. I am not the most confident driver to begin with, but this ice…there is no way I would risk driving in ice. So, no writers’ group tonight 😦

I was looking forward to going there, after Thanksgiving gave us all a week off, but I suppose it is just not to be this week. Perhaps next week the weather shall be with us. I really hope so, because a week from today I go for my naturalization interview at immigration! I had better be able to get there…