FREE! The Blue Door Trilogy on Kindle. You’re welcome :)

I thought I would give away something for the holidays, so my self-published trilogy, The Blue Door, Beyond The Blue Door, and Return To The Blue Door, and their sister stand-alone novella, Twisted Labyrinth, are available NOW for FREE on Kindle up until December 22nd. Just in time for those last-minute holiday gifts for a loved one, or perhaps for yourself! Just think, you could own the whole set for FREE!

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings!


M.E., a book promo, the HP Stream x360, and a complete publishing contract.

What a week… actually… what a month!

Now… those who know me are aware of my medical condition, M.E. Aka C.F.S, (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), here in the US. A name I HATE as it implies that is all there is to the illness… I can tell you, it is not.

[If you don’t know what it is and are interested to find out, THIS SITE explains it best]

I have had a few relapses before, but in recent times, and for a good long spell of about 6 years, the M.E., although still “somewhat” symptomatic, had been in remission… until a few weeks ago, when I began to feel more tired than normal. In fact, exhausted. Especially in the evenings, which ruled out critique group for a few weeks. I knew what that meant – a relapse – and made the necessary adjustments to my life, (like the example above RE: critique group), meanwhile to kicking said relapse’s arse.

Well, I’m happy to say, (tentatively, don’t want to jinx myself!), I have been feeling a little better for the past few days – as far as the fatigue goes, anyway – so I shall be making a cautious return to critique group this week, and see how I fair from that. I still hurt, but that is pretty much normal for me, and still waiting for my concentration to improve again, so that I can get on with rewriting The Blue Door Trilogy, (perhaps for submission to a publisher, finally). I’m not going to change the story any, but I would like to improve the writing quality and tweak the style in line with what I have learnt since first finishing it back in 2008.

Speaking of those books.


As my way of saying a big THANK YOU to all who have followed, bought books, offered invaluable advice, or otherwise been a huge support to me since I began my authorly journey, I have my self-published “Blue Door” books coming up for a FREE promotion from December 18th until December 22nd, (just in time for Christmas 😉 ).. You can access them all HERE or HERE, or click on the above picture of them.

A few weeks ago, just before the relapse as a matter of fact, I decided to upgrade my computer. I went with an HP Stream x360. Mine is “Blizzard White”, like those in the pictures.

HP Stream x360HP Stream x360 foldedHP Stream x360 folded back

If you have not already been made aware of this fabulous little machine, let me tell you how wonderful it is. I had an HP Pavilion G6 notebook, running Windows 7 – and I LOVED it! It never gave me a day’s grief in its long, productive life, I just needed something more up to date.

Sad as I was to say goodbye to my beloved Pavilion, this Stream more than takes its place. Not only does it do everything the Pavilion did, it does it better, faster, and with a touchscreen – not to mention the 360 keyboard, turning it into either a laptop, or a tablet, or anything in between. I also love the smaller size. My old HP was a 15 inch screen and rather heavy. The Stream’s screen is a petite-but-adequate 11.6 inches, and it is feather-light, compared to the Pavilion.

Now, for Windows 8.1. First, let me say; I will NEVER get a laptop with Windows 10. A previous blog post will explain why. 8.1, however, is fantastic. I really like how it keeps the best bits of 7, (not that there was anything remotely wrong with 7 at all), and melds them with new features. As a result, I could not be happier with this little darling.

And now the VERY BESTEST EVER news. Today, my completed publishing contract arrived in my mail box – signed by both parties. Now it’s REALLY official!! And I am so very thankful to have Snow Leopard Publishing as my publisher for “That English Lady” 🙂


I’m looking forward to receiving my first editing draft from them soon 🙂

FREE EBOOKS, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I have Kindle E-BOOKS coming up for FREE on 12th and 13th February, just in time for Valentine’s day.
Return To The Blue Door

Twisted Labyrinth. Own The Blue Door Trilogy for FREE this Christmas.

Starting on the 29th and 30th of November, I have been offering my books for free, one at a time, each weekend on Kindle, all the way up to Christmas.
Last up, on  the 20th and 21st of December – and in perfect sync with the winter solstice – will be Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures). A stand-alone follow-up novella tied to The Blue Door Trilogy.
So, if you’re really savvy, you are on your way to owning the whole set in time for Christmas, for FREE! Perhaps as a present for a book lover you know, or maybe to read for yourself. Either way, I think you would agree… it’s a cracking deal!

Twisted Labyrinth 1 Kindle

The Blue cover 2 KindleBTBD official cover 3 KindleRTTBD official cover3 Kindle

Return To The Blue Door. Own The Blue Door Trilogy for FREE this Christmas.

Starting on the 29th and 30th of November, I have been offering my books for free, one at a time, each weekend on Kindle, all the way up to Christmas.
Next up, on  the 13th and 14th of December, will be Return To The Blue Door, volume 3 in The Blue Door Trilogy.
So, if you are really savvy, you could own the whole set in time for Christmas, for FREE! Perhaps as a present for a book lover you know, or maybe to read for yourself. Either way, I think you would agree… it’s a cracking deal!

Twisted Labyrinth 1 Kindle

The Blue cover 2 KindleBTBD official cover 3 KindleRTTBD official cover3 Kindle

Arkansas Authors Book Store

My books are now in Arkansas Authors book store.

Check them out on the links below, where you can purchase them via Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

The Blue Door

Beyond The Blue Door

Return To The Blue Door

Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures)

Searching for that special Valentine gift?

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The Blue Door Trilogy.

You can buy The Blue Door Trilogy and its successor, Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures) – a stand alone mini-novel, connected to the Trilogy – at any of the links below.

Alice White’s Author Central page at Amazon. Here, you have access to all four books, in both digital and paperback, as well as information about the author. As a bonus, if you buy the paperback here, you can have the digital (for Kindle) absolutely FREE!

Alice White at Barnes & Noble, for those who prefer paperback books alone. No digital versions here!

You can also access the books and information about them at;

Alice White’s Facebook author pageThe Blue Door Website, and Goodreads.

Overview of book one, The Blue Door.

                    Introducing Katie; a young woman, living in the 20th Century. With her friend, she finds a strange, overwhelmingly enticing, blue door. Mystery, intrigue, riddles…and, perhaps, romance may lurk behind that door…if the fates are with them. The Blue Door would seem, to them, to be steeped in history and magic. A halo and a click…and the door opens, of its own accord. The people who dwell behind this mysterious portal would seem to be obsessed with the concept of time travel. Perhaps they are living in a fantasy world…then again…perhaps they are not…

Overview of book two, Beyond The Blue Door.

                    In this second instalment of The Blue Door Trilogy: Katie is all set to continue her time-travelling adventures, with her true love, Xavier. They will visit times and places that are new, some that are familiar, and some places; which had regressed into myth and legend; until now. One of these places holds the key to a new friendship, a new story; and perhaps, a new destiny…

Overview of book three, Return To The Blue Door.

                    This final instalment of The Blue Door Trilogy will see Katie and her beau; shocked to discover that they, once again, must face the Blue Door. Strange times lie ahead for the pair, as wrongs are righted; ghosts are laid to rest and a family member is acting very strangely… Old friends will re-appear and new friends will enrich their, already extra-ordinary, lives. They will embark upon the most surreal journey of their lives, with a love story that, literally, spans the ages; arriving at a final destination neither could have imagined possible…

Overview of Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures), the stand alone mini-novel, connected to The Blue Door Trilogy.

                    In this postscript to The Blue Door Trilogy: Erik embarks upon an incredible adventure. Katie and Xavier, his new ‘time-traveller’ friends from the 20th Century had gone through their ‘blue door’. He did not know if he would ever see them again Erik had immediately regretted his decision not to take them up on their wonderful offer to go with them and had been wishing for them and the year 2009… Katie’s era. On a possible miscalculation, he meets ‘Elizabeth’, in the year 2000, and falls in love. She seems to be perfect. Like Katie: Elizabeth is kind, unique and honest. Erik thinks he has finally found the happiness he always craved and is prepared for a blissful, trouble-free life with Elizabeth in 20th Century England. However, nothing is ever as it seems…

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I shall be attending the Citizenship Oath Ceremony this month, to complete my citizenship status. To celebrate this prestigious event, I would like you all to share in the celebration. I am offering my e-books FREE for KINDLE this coming weekend (18th and 19th of January).


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If you are looking for a great Christmas present for someone you know, or even for yourself, I have decided to have a Christmas give-away for my loyal fans and perhaps some new ones 🙂

All four of my books will be FREE for Kindle this coming weekend (14th and 15th of December) from Amazon, just in time for Christmas! You can access them here.

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