Ozark Writers League May Conference 2015

Chills, thrills, and bumps in the night

A wonderful time was had by all at this May’s OWL conference.
10981952_10153342867166514_4792682672118640021_nHotel Grand Victorian. Lovely place to stay and so close to OTC Table Rock Campus, where the conference takes place.
Having fun at the Friday evening ‘open mic’ and wine raffle, with Velda Brotherton, Sandy Staszkiewicz, Jessica Nelson, Mike Miller, (the selfie king), and Julie James
11228114_10205538838462639_222777924978763172_nJan Marler Morrill‘s wonderful workshop all about characterization, and how to get to know your characters, (and yourself), even better. 
10985931_10207034852296197_8727186243752652090_nRuth Weeks‘s fantastic workshop all about how to know the difference between the paranormal, supernatural, and fantasy. We also got a start in how important it is to set the mood. Particularly loved it when the lights went out!
 Velda Brotherton went into even more detail on mood setting and how to create the mood you intend through verbs and nouns.22298_10206239308758964_3341663108814611854_n
On our way home after a fabulous time and OWL’s May conference, with Julie James, Velda Brotherton, and Sandy Staszkiewicz at OTC Table Rock Campus.
I missed those who were not able to attend, but it was so great to see everyone that did!

The Banned and the Beautiful: Celebrating Women Writers

Another excellent take on recent events from author August McLaughlin 🙂 #WomensRightToWrite

Girl Boner

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank

As you may have heard, the Ozarks Writers’ League conference coming up the weekend of February 21 was booted from its venue of 30 years this week, largely because I’m set to speak there.

My topic? Cultivating self-confidence for increased success. Not exactly controversial. My advocacy for female sexual empowerment, however, apparently is. The venue heads also disapproved of award-winning author Velda Brotherton‘s workshop on writing sex scenes. The conference program has never before been questioned or analyzed, but this one’s theme, Celebrating Women Writers, invited scrutiny.

“Doesn’t that make you mad?” an acquaintance asked me when she read the news. “I’d be so offended!”

Nope, I replied. It’s unfortunate that OWL had to scramble for a new venue, as they successfully did, but the venue’s response merely illustrates the importance of the kind of work I and…

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