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The Blue Door Trilogy.

You can buy The Blue Door Trilogy and its successor, Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures) – a stand alone mini-novel, connected to the Trilogy – at any of the links below.

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You can also access the books and information about them at;

Alice White’s Facebook author pageThe Blue Door Website, and Goodreads.

Overview of book one, The Blue Door.

                    Introducing Katie; a young woman, living in the 20th Century. With her friend, she finds a strange, overwhelmingly enticing, blue door. Mystery, intrigue, riddles…and, perhaps, romance may lurk behind that door…if the fates are with them. The Blue Door would seem, to them, to be steeped in history and magic. A halo and a click…and the door opens, of its own accord. The people who dwell behind this mysterious portal would seem to be obsessed with the concept of time travel. Perhaps they are living in a fantasy world…then again…perhaps they are not…

Overview of book two, Beyond The Blue Door.

                    In this second instalment of The Blue Door Trilogy: Katie is all set to continue her time-travelling adventures, with her true love, Xavier. They will visit times and places that are new, some that are familiar, and some places; which had regressed into myth and legend; until now. One of these places holds the key to a new friendship, a new story; and perhaps, a new destiny…

Overview of book three, Return To The Blue Door.

                    This final instalment of The Blue Door Trilogy will see Katie and her beau; shocked to discover that they, once again, must face the Blue Door. Strange times lie ahead for the pair, as wrongs are righted; ghosts are laid to rest and a family member is acting very strangely… Old friends will re-appear and new friends will enrich their, already extra-ordinary, lives. They will embark upon the most surreal journey of their lives, with a love story that, literally, spans the ages; arriving at a final destination neither could have imagined possible…

Overview of Twisted Labyrinth (Erik’s Adventures), the stand alone mini-novel, connected to The Blue Door Trilogy.

                    In this postscript to The Blue Door Trilogy: Erik embarks upon an incredible adventure. Katie and Xavier, his new ‘time-traveller’ friends from the 20th Century had gone through their ‘blue door’. He did not know if he would ever see them again Erik had immediately regretted his decision not to take them up on their wonderful offer to go with them and had been wishing for them and the year 2009… Katie’s era. On a possible miscalculation, he meets ‘Elizabeth’, in the year 2000, and falls in love. She seems to be perfect. Like Katie: Elizabeth is kind, unique and honest. Erik thinks he has finally found the happiness he always craved and is prepared for a blissful, trouble-free life with Elizabeth in 20th Century England. However, nothing is ever as it seems…

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Quite a week… again.

On Monday we went grocery shopping, yet again, trying to get the pantries full for the holiday season when everything will be shut. No, we did NOT go to Walmart. I do not use Walmart for grocery shopping, except their online store for everything but perishables. That really helps a lot with ‘shopping stress’ and fatigue from actually having to walk around their store three times because they moved your favourite things, again.

No. We do our perishable grocery shop at Marvin’s. It is a lot quieter than Wally world and the prices are actually very competitive. They even do that thing where they take your bags out to the car for you… Compete with that, Walmart 😉

So, Tuesday arrived. I had an appointment to attend with the surgeon. Some of you might remember that I had abnormal blood work… three times in fact, with the same results. I had the scan two weeks ago to determine a problem, or not, with my Para-thyroids. This appointment was made to discuss those results.

Unlike most other appointments at this office, this one was on time.

The long and the short of it is… my para-thyroids appeared normal on the scan…

“Good news,” you say. Well, yes… indeed it is. I don’t have to have surgery, yet. BUT the blood results remain and so do the symptoms I am experiencing: Even more fatigue, more lack of concentration, more muscle/bone aches and short-term memory loss than is normal for me. With the M.E., AKA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  I already have those things, but at the moment they are more so. The fatigue in particular feels different to M.E. fatigue, otherwise I might have suspected a relapse… Thankfully, it isn’t that, but it is something I am not sure how to deal with yet.

I am to go back in six months for MORE blood work, to see if anything changes…

I have not been able to concentrate on my writing, but for another six months I will have to try. I am not sure if they expect the problem to vanish (that would be nice) or to get ‘bad enough to do something about’. I suppose we shall have to wait and see… for six months… lovely.

I have a Great Niece and it is her first Christmas. We wanted to get her something nice, so after the appointment we went shopping for baby clothes and toys, to be posted the next day.

When we got home, I managed to write a small story for her, involving the two stuffed animals we managed to find. Yay for me! I wrote something! Don’t get too excited though, it was extremely short but it is a start! I printed it off, including front and back covers onto photo paper, stapled it into book form and placed it in the bottom of the – now packed and wrapped – box.

Yesterday we posted the box. I was told that it would not get there for Christmas, but I had already envisaged that outcome. At least she WILL get them and can have another present day…

Today, I was planning on writing something for my new book. Nothing has transpired, so far, so I opted to write a blog instead. Maybe I will get inspired after visiting with the Writer’s workshop tonight… We shall see. I have nothing to take to the workshop tonight. I haven’t written anything, save the short book for my Great Niece and that was just for her.

So, it has been another one of ‘those’ weeks. We deal…

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season/Christmas and a Happy New Year and I shall be back next year!

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