FREE! The Blue Door Trilogy on Kindle. You’re welcome :)

I thought I would give away something for the holidays, so my self-published trilogy, The Blue Door, Beyond The Blue Door, and Return To The Blue Door, and their sister stand-alone novella, Twisted Labyrinth, are available NOW for FREE on Kindle up until December 22nd. Just in time for those last-minute holiday gifts for a loved one, or perhaps for yourself! Just think, you could own the whole set for FREE!

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings!


The Blue Door Trilogy FREE this weekend!

Introducing Katie; a young woman, living in the 20th Century. With her friend, she finds a strange, enticing blue door. Mystery, intrigue, riddles and perhaps romance may lurk behind that door. If the fates are with them. The blue door appears steeped in history and magic. A halo and a click. The door opens, of its own accord. The people who dwell behind this mysterious portal seem obsessed with the concept of time travel. Perhaps they are living in a fantasy world. Then again, perhaps they are not.
The Blue Door Trilogy by Alice White will be FREE on Kindle this coming weekend (15th and 16th March 2014).

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