Ooooo-klahoma…where the power goes out across the grid…

Isn’t it amazing how dependent we human beings have become on electricity?

Heaters going full blast and wood stove burning its little butt off, we discover we shall need more wood to last out this uncharacteristic winter storm, which half the country seems to have. Hubby goes and gets the Jeep.

Even poor Georgie Girl, the Jeep, can’t get up the hill in order to fetch a substantial load of said wood to the house. The snow is packed solid, like ice and she slipped and slid all over the place… without actually going anywhere. So, hubby drags the little red wagon up there to the barn (where we keep our firewood) and hauls enough for a couple of days. I guess we shall have to keep doing that until we can get the Jeep up there to do more.

This area NEVER gets this kind of extreme weather… Everyone is having major issues. You just don’t expect to get anything near this kind of weather this far south. Gosh, if we had wanted to live in these conditions we would have moved to Montana…

The story isn’t over yet, though.

We had just got nice and toasty, with all the heaters still going and the stove ablaze with warmth like a blanket, and were getting ready to have some dinner.

At around 5.30pm our electricity goes POOF. Power outage. What the hell…

Hubby fetches the new camping stove by flash-light. Sets it up ready to cook soup when we are ready. We collect the kerosene lamps. Set them up. Now we have light. I deposit one gallon water bottles in the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Why the living room? Well, that is where the wood stove is. So, that is where we all have to stay – including the dogs –  and I bring a bowl for the dogs’ water so that they don’t have to keep trekking through to the icy cold kitchen for a drink. The gallon bottle sits beside it to fill as and when.

Okay, we are set up for the night, if necessary.

We look out of the living room window. See a UFO! Actually, it was probably just a plane or perhaps a helicopter…but where would be the fun in that?

Apparently, I say the magic words. “I could always read to you,” directed to hubby.

BINGO and let there be light.

Lessons learned = MANY. In particular, store some firewood in the shop/garage in future. But first, it needs to STOP snowing and melt!

Gratitude level = through the roof. THANK YOU OKLAHOMA, (since that is where our electricity comes from…don’t ask), for bringing our power back within two hours…[but **** you for failing to keep it going in the first place when we need it the most :-P]

This has been our little adventure, here in the North West Arkansas wilderness.

Thank you for spending the time to read my story.

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Winter Wonderland

This is what I woke up to this morning.
WP_20131206_027 WP_20131206_009 WP_20131206_017
I was going to put them here then BUT the power went out for two hours. Obviously, it is back now, so here are the photos I took on our phone of the pretty, Narnia-esque scene.
This is one of the many things I love about living where we do; the four distinct seasons, which seem rare in other areas. The ONLY thing I hate about living here is the electric company we are forced to use. They are always having outages and are based in Oklahoma, who always get worse weather than us here. No other company supplies this area, though, so we are stuck with them until we move or go solar. Never-the-less, we do have a great spot here!
I can do without the 80 degrees in winter, which they seem to be getting in the south… it would not seem right to me to have warmth all year round, just as it would not seem right to have cold all year either. I like the seasons just the way they are here. I can deal with the cold of winter as long as summer has been good (which it always is here), and the house is warm, which it is. And at least we have the wood stove for when the power goes out. It is super efficient!
And I have the most fantastic view from my study.