Voting rights and post office blips

It was cold here yesterday, (I think it got down to minus 2 again overnight in the city), as another arctic stream came across the area…but I no complain. It is winter, after all!

We went out, a half hour journey in teen temperatures, but Georgie Girl’s heater is fantastic. I visited the county court house and put in my register to vote! I should hear back in a few weeks…apparently, it takes a long time to process? Still, at least it’s in and I should be able to vote next time there is something to vote about 😀 It was only 3.30pm so I went to the main post office too. It still being open.

I got in the queue and waited my turn, which arrived 20 minutes later. As I got to the desk, she said;

“The girl that does passports is on break and should be back shortly. Got down to the passport counter at the bottom.”

Okay… I never got a passport here before, having just got citizenship. How was I supposed to know passports have their own counter and that I did not need to join the main queue? So, I trudge down to the bottom counter. And I wait. For another ten minutes.

The other assistant was finishing off a young man’s passport application, I caught her eye.

“Are you waiting for information on passports?” Her tone was somewhat impatient.

I hold up my, already filled out, form and the photographs I obtained from Walgreens. “No, I need to apply for my first American passport. I already filled everything out and have photos.”

“She went home at 3…they close at 3.” She went back to processing and mailing the young man’s passport. I stared for a moment, not quite believing she told me this whilst processing someone else’s passport.

“The other lady told me to wait here, that the passport person was on a break and would be back…”

She repeated her statement, turning to the ‘other lady’ and mock-scolded her, both smirking. I made my way out, after being in there more than half an hour.

“Sorry,” the ‘other lady’ condescended, still smirking.

“Really…” I muttered, as I reached the door, shaking my head and resolving to return the next day (today) BEFORE 3…How was I supposed to know the passport counter closed at 3! Especially since I witnessed another person having their passport processed, as I waited. I assumed, logically, that it would be open the same times as the rest of the place.

So today I will return. Hopefully, I shall not have my time wasted again by rude counter assistants that clearly found it funny…

The moral of this tale is; NEVER assume that the post office runs on logic and don’t count on people understanding that it is not just THEIR time that is precious. Also, never assume that people who are supposed to be polite and helpful, will be so.

Other than the afore mentioned blip in human nature, life is good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Voting rights and post office blips

  1. Too bad there are some people who make human nature seem less than perfect. The rest of us will continue to be polite, even when put upon, because cheerful is much better for the soul than snide and rude. Sorry you had to endure this in our otherwise pretty nice society.


    • I returned yesterday, to a different reception, thankfully. Got my application off and now it is just a case of waiting for everything to come back to me… voter confirmation, new passport and my citizenship certificate (the original of which I had to send – just like you would a birth certificate). I was assured unreservedly that it WOULD be returned and that she knew of no instance where a person lost their important documents through this process. Still, I shall be much happier when it is again in MY possession 😉 xox


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