Proper POV Sells Stories

A blog by my friend/neighbor/mentor, Velda Brotherton. Great advice for point of view in your writing 🙂

Velda Brotherton

Creating the proper point of view for your story can make or break a sale. There are a few differences between point of view for short stories and for novels. Let’s stick with short stories, which are most effective with the singular POV. That is, the story is completely told from the viewpoint of one person.
To write successfully in singular POV, you must first understand POV. Whether you choose to write in first person, the I of storytelling, or third person, the he or she of storytelling, the action must take place entirely through the viewpoint of your protagonist. This means that the writer is objective toward secondary characters, but delves deeply into the POV character’s heart, mind and soul.
Deep POV goes a step farther. Not only do you get in the heart, mind and soul of your character, but the entire scene is narrated through his/her eyes…

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