Doubt Demons… Those Scoundrels

A fellow author friend of mine has some inspiring insight into “The Doubt Demons” that ensnare all authors from time to time.
Thank you, Amy, for this encouraging blog!


It’s inevitable, doubt demons will always invade a writer’s creative space. Sometimes, it’s easy to shoo them away, and tell them to go back where they came from. But, most of the time, they stick with us, torture us, bring us to tears, and make us want to run far, far away from our story.

“This isn’t good enough. No one’s going to like it. Look at how ‘so and so’ writes; they’re so much better than you. You’re not going deep enough. What are you thinking? People are going to be so disappointed.”

I find a lot of my doubts come from comparing myself to other writers. It’s so hard not to do, and after talking to many writers/authors, I know I’m not alone.

We need to learn from those we admire, but we shouldn’t put ourselves down because we don’t write like them. We need to take pride in…

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