Loki’s Liberty

We have a large 117 lb. dog and a smaller 30 lb. dog, who get along famously together. Although, a strange dog in our yard would get, and has got in the past, short thrift from him!


While the smaller dog, Layla, is a Sheltie mix and extremely co-operative regarding behavior, (including taking less than half a day to grow to love her “kennel”), the larger dog, Loki, is a Coonhound, German Shepherd mix, and is what we like to call an ADD –  attention deficit doggie.WP_20150410_018

I shall endeavor to explain: He is a very good boy, IF you can get his attention to begin with. The problems begin when his attention is already otherwise diverted – perhaps by deer walking down the driveway, (we live in the country), or a scent in the yard that has particularly taken his fancy. At these times, nothing else exists for him, except for his current object of desire, including us!

I had seen the shock collars, anti-bark collars, etc. but none seemed appropriate for him. We have a wireless fence – with the collars – but it did not work for him either, (although Layla was very responsive to it). Loki would just learn to pick up speed where the wire would “zap” him and carry on running. He knew it would cease as soon as he crossed the barrier.

At a loss, after almost three years of ripped leather collars and one snapped steel runner, we were forced to buy a heavy-duty collar and a twenty-foot chain so that he could go into the yard safely and spend time outdoors. Anchored at one end to concrete in the middle of the front yard, it means he actually has a forty-foot circle to in which to roam around. However, I never felt comfortable putting a dog on a chain and continued to seek an alternative that might offer him a little more freedom – but in safety.

WP_20150918_007[1]Recently, I came across one of the newer remote control SONIC training aids. It also has a “shock” option, but the two control methods are completely separate. I like that! We feel the buttons could be placed further away from each other, but I shall put forth that suggestion on my review of the product. Along with a half-mile range and rechargeable batteries, the great reviews of this device impressed me enough to give it a try.

The long and the short of it is – it works!

WP_20150918_006[1]I took him around the yard, leash-less, and used sonic command number one, the lowest, whenever he got too far away. I only had to do it twice, (so far), and he went back to the porch – which is exactly what we would want him to do – and lay down beside Layla.

For the first time, I saw something I never, ever thought I would see with Loki, and it had me quite choked. He was there on the porch, just lying down, settled and calm, with no intention of absconding

WITHOUT A LEASH!WP_20150918_001[1]WP_20150918_005[1]

It’s going to be a much different, freer life for Loki now, thanks to this wonderful device, and I am really over the moon for him! 🙂

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