Shouting in the Wind, Spitting in the Torrent

Yes, yes, and yes. I can relate to the questionable role of social media in the world of an author 100%. Lori puts it very succinctly here. The point in even having social media, with regards to authorly things, does seem redundant at times.

BUT. Sometimes, our posts and blogs DO generate followers, or reviews, or just general interest, other times… not so much, and what I have discovered helps is this. If one posts what one would post anyway, regardless of whether or not you are an author; if one blogs about what ever fancy dictates–and yes, sometimes that is about writing/books; If one does all of this without expectation of book sales/new followers/reviews, one can rest a little easier. Because, when we DO get even a little interest from a blog or post, it then comes as a very pleasant bonus. Does social media promotion/marketing really work?? I have no idea! BUT, we can but try 🙂 Just enjoy what you do and by all means dream of selling large numbers of books, and/or having a huge fan base similar to Stephen King’s. Nothing wrong with dreams, but above all, just enjoy it and be proud of all your accomplishments 😉

Lori Ericson, Author

It’s not easy. I never thought it would be, but then the tiniest glimmer of hope landed in my lap. I finished my first novel and felt confident in it. I had a couple of small publishers interested and accepted the terms from one. Since A Lovely County published a year ago, I’ve come to realize how hard it is to make that a dream worth pursuing in today’s publishing world.

The waterfall that feeds the stream behind our home in Northwest Arkansas. The waterfall that feeds the stream behind our home in Northwest Arkansas.

I feel like a drop of water in a rushing waterfall.

I blog. I’m not especially good at it, but I put my thoughts out there. I have a Pinterest presence. I Pin things writerly, beautiful landscapes, yummy looking recipes, and more. I even Tweet. In addition, I have an author’s page on Facebook and on Goodreads. I talk about things other than writing. I don’t overly…

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