Positive Body Image Quiz: 35 Signs and Rewards to Aim For

I agree with most of this list, posted by my good friend, August McLaughlin. The only parts I don’t are; the second part of point 8. I never care about calories, carbs, or fat :P; and 23/24. I’m on the fence with those. I DO still try to avoid cameras sometimes, since I already am aware I am not particularly photogenic, and never have been. But that’s okay, it’s just a simple truth I came to know. I am however, better than I was about seeing photos of myself out there… even the not so great ones 😉

Girl Boner

Most folks analyze, or at least consider, their appearance and lifestyle habits regularly. But what about your body image? Have you ever taken inventory?

As I explained on Rick Gabrielly’s fabulous new podcast The Marriage BOSS poor body image is seldom rooted in vanity. Women are taught in countless ways that certain physical traits pave the way for happiness and success, and if we lack them, we may as well succumb to misery. Luckily, that’s not true. We will suffer, however, if we make them our truths. Make sense? How we feel about our bodies and looks becomes self-fulfilling. A little self-awareness can go a long way in shifting your ways toward the positive.

I compiled the following list of healthy body image signs based on decades of personal and professional experience. To use it as a quiz, jot 1 – 35 on a sheet of paper. Then beside each corresponding item that applies to…

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