Happiness Jar: #1 – Mommy Love

Lovely idea. May your jar be over-flowing with happiness, Jan 🙂 I will share one of my own with you. Every day, when my two beautiful dogs go out to play – yes, even in the cold weather – it makes me so happy to see them run and play together, I often have tears of joy well in my eyes. Why is it so special? I shall merely share this link to a blog I posted about Loki and his new sonic collar, and why it has enabled him to be able to run and play with his little sister https://authoralicewhite.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/lokis-liberty/ . 🙂 xox

Jan Morrill Writes

On New Year’s Day, I read a post on Facebook by Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) about Happiness Jars.


At first, I read it and thought, “What a nice idea.” But in the few days that have passed, her post has prompted me to think, “That would be something I’d put in my Happiness Jar.”


So, I’ve decided to start one.

I’ll put it in our room, and every night, (that’s the goal, anyway) Steve and I will add a note about something that made us happy that day.

Here’s how our conversation about our Happiness Jar went:

Steve: What do you think is the purpose of the Happiness Jar?
Jan: It prompts us to focus on things that make us happy.
Steve: Have you been feeling unhappy?
Jan: No, I just like to think about things that make me happy. Plus, it’ll be fun for us to…

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